Starting at CDN$225/month

Colocation in Vancouver

In2net incorporates solid IT infrastructure and expertise, so you can depend on us while you build your business.

We combine a high speed network, state-of-the-art data center with experienced technical personnel to provide the solid IT infrastructure on which our customers base their businesses. Hundreds of companies in diverse industries rely on In2net Network as their trusted IT partner.

Services include Colocation, Internet Connectivity, Data Backup and Security along with system administration and technical support.


Benefits of In2net Network Colocation & Internet Connectivity Services For Your Business

Secure, State-of-the-art Hosting Environment

In2net Network’s data center offers multi-layered security along with climate control, UPS and power generators. Deploy your servers in our quality hosting environment and have peace of mind. Outsourcing IT infrastructure is the ideal solution for growth and scalability.

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Low Latency High Speed Network

The network is a purpose-built Cisco network with speed and redundancy in mind. Colocation and Internet Connectivity services both leverage the network which has multiple peers for best routing and ultra low latency. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% uptime.

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Scalability and Flexibility

Our experience in working with start-ups and SMEs has taught us that a good service provider needs to be flexible and offer scalable growth options. We maintain this focus with all services offered and we understand that our success is based on the customer’s success.

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Enterprise-Level High Speed Access

The purpose-built Cisco network is fully redundant with automatic failover protection and multiple peers. Utilizing In2net Network Internet Connectivity gives redundancy over service from a single service provider. Access speeds ranging from T1 to E100 over fiber or copper are available.

As a carrier neutral colocation facility, you have the option to choose from a variety of connectivity providers located within our facility for a flexible, unique and cost-effective solution that suits your business.

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Affordability and Value

In2net Network Colocation and Internet Connectivity services offer maximum service for the best value. Combine Internet Connectivity with Colocation Services to create a cost effective IT solution which provides internet access, data center and secure offsite data backup or disaster recovery functions. All this about the same cost as a standard enterprise level internet access from a Telco.

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