Engineered by In2net Network

Our Data Facility

Our state-of-the-art network is optimized for the high-availability demands of today’s mission critical applications and the entire facility is engineered with fault tolerance at every layer.

Electronic key card access

PIN code access

Private cabinet enclosure

Motion detection security

On-site security patrol

Monitored alarm system

Facility Location

In2Net data center is conveniently located in Discovery Parks Tech Park 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver. The location is easily accessible for clients in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and the Fraser Valley. The area has excellent choice of high capacity fiber optic connectivity.

Neighboring tech companies in the area include Electronic Arts (EA), Kodak (formerly Creo), Telus, MDS Metro Labs and HSBC. We also offer free parking conveniently located right outside of our building!

Backup Power Systems

Our power systems have been engineered with fault tolerance at every layer. Incoming utility power first routes to our automatic transfer switch which monitors power level and quality, and automatically transfers to emergency generators in the event that utility supply is interrupted. Each facility is also protected by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems which feature full maintenance bypass switching which allows for service and upgrades without interruption of power to equipment.

Generator power is activated automatically in the event of a utility failure by the transfer switch. The data center load is maintained by the UPS systems during the 15 seconds that is required for generator automatic start-up.


Colocation Services are provisioned in secure private enclosure cabinets where every each client has their own key and 24/7 facility access. Cabinets have front and rear removable doors for easy accessibility and are made of perforated metal to allow for good air flow and cooling. Cabinets are at least 33″ accommodating even the longest of today’s servers with room for switching or firewall equipment.

Regulated Climate Control

Climate Control environmental systems include multiple upflow air conditioning units in each area of the data centers. Temperature and humidity are monitored and regulated to ensure optimal equipment reliability. Electrical power for cooling systems is backed up by diesel generators to ensure continuous operation while each unit contains independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. Air filtration systems actively remove dust and dirt particles from circulation to provide a clean environment for servers to operate in.

Network Peering

In2net Network maintains peering relationships with multiple peering partners for the most direct network connections from our network to our networks and end users to minimize the number of hops that traffic has to pass through to reach its destination vastly improving speed and reducing latency.

Network peering partners include: Bell, Verio, Shaw, Telus and Akamai.


Our network utilizes BGP protocol with multiple fiber optic uplink paths for full network redundancy. In the event of uplink disruption, our network will automatically failover onto the secondary backup link within seconds for undisrupted connectivity.

Scalable Bandwidth

Our robust network design allows us to offer scalable bandwidth solutions and allow clients to keep costs low while having the ability to grow their cabinet and bandwidth commitments. Services available in both flat rate billing, fixed bandwidth and 95th percentile options.


Data center access is strictly limited to technical staff and customers. Electronic security systems and multiple levels of access security control data center access.

The facilities are also monitored by a full compliment of motion detecting security cameras and are patrolled by staff and on-site security personnel.

The facility building is built to current day seismic standards and facility external walls are reinforced poured concrete.