High Speed Connectivity

Fast, reliable connectivity to your home or business for less than you'd expect

Our High Speed Connectivity services offer fast, reliable connectivity to your home or business for less than you'd expect. Connectivity can be ordered as DSL, T1 or Fiber services and generally include unlimited bandwidth so no more surprise traffic charges. DSL, T1, Fiber connections are synchronous meaning more bandwidth for uploads and large file transfers.

The network is a purpose-built Cisco network built with speed and redundancy in mind. Colocation and Internet Connectivity services both leverage the network which has multiple peers for best routing and ultra low latency. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees 99.99% uptime.

Internet Connectivity services can be paired with a colocation service to create an efficient offsite backup or application server staging location where traffic between an office location and the colocation facility is unmetered and free of traffic charges.

Benefits of In2net Network High Speed Connectivity Services

Stable, always-on high speed internet access
More upload bandwidth with synchronous high speed connection
Dedicated IP addresses are included which allow you to host websites or applications
Full Redundancy with 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee

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