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Server Backup FAQ

Who is In2net Network?

In2net Network is a Canadian data center service provider located in Vancouver established in 1996. In2net operates a solid infrastructure network supported by a friendly, helpful technical service team. Our data center is backed up by UPS, emergency diesel generator power and redundant cooling, monitored 24/7 by an on-site team.

Why do I need a backup?

In the cases of theft, natural disaster or even an accidental file deletion, data backup is an insurance to help you protect your data from any unexpected disasters.

My office staff has been backing up our data in my office. Why do I still need another backup service?

Backing up your data in your office is only the first line of defense against any data loss. This form of protection suffices only in the events of accidental file deletion and workstation hard drive crash. In the case of theft, backup hardware failure and natural disaster, your local backup would be deemed useless. A remote backup service will be a more appropriate solution to these situations.

Where is my data backed up to?

Your data are backed up to our secured data center maintained with backup power systems and regulated climate controls in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada. The data are stored securely and safely in our enterprise graded hardware with RAID 60 configuration. With AES256 encryption applied to your data backup, you can rest assured that your data are safe and secured with us.

Is the transfer of my backup data over the internet to your datacenter safe?

Yes. Before your data are transmitted to our backup server, your data are encrypted and compressed by the agent software. Your data are then transmitted over the network with SSL to our data center, and stored securely and safely in our backup server. Only you who have the password can access your data.

Who provides support for my backup?

Our friendly technical staffs will provide the first level of support. If we are unable to resolve your backup issue, your case will be escalated to Idera.

How much backup storage do I need for my server? What are my costs to use your backup solution?

Several factors determine how much backup storage you need for your data.

  • How much data do you have to back up?
  • How many versions of your data backup you would like to keep?
  • What is the volume of your data change during a day?

In general, if you have 100GB of data for backup, you would need 100GB of backup storage. Our backup solution has data compression on by default. You may be able to back up your original data with additional 2-3 versions created. However, if your data are changed frequently and/or you would like to keep many versions of your data backup, more backup space is necessary. Since our backup storage is priced at an increment of 100GB, you may consider getting another 100GB as a safe guard. You can always order more as your storage need increases.

I have a Windows based server hosting a few virtual machines. Would buying one physical server backup license be enough?

If your goal is to back up the data on your Windows-based server including the hard disk images of your virtual machines, one physical server backup license will be sufficient. If you would also like to back up the content on your virtual machines at different time frames, a backup license for each virtual machine would also be needed.

How often do I need to manage my backup?

Backup itself is pretty much automatic. You would need to set up a backup schedule at the very beginning. By default, the backup happens every hour. If the default hourly setting is too frequent, you may adjust the backup schedule to daily, weekly or even monthly according to your needs. You may also set up your backup to be verified and have a report sent to you periodically. These features will keep your focus in your business.

How long does it take to back up? Will it affect my daily business?

There are two factors that determine the amount of time required for creating a backup: the amount of your data and the speed of your internet connection. Usually, the first initial backup normally takes the longest time as it replicates all data from your server. Subsequent backups will take considerably less time due to only changes being replicated. This backup approach will minimize any interruption in your daily business.

How often do I need to back up?

You can back up as frequently as you like given that you have sufficient backup storage. We do recommend backup should be scheduled to be performed during non-business hours or times when there is only minimal user access to the server.

How hard is it to set up the backup on my server?

The setup consists of two parts: installation of a Backup agent, and setting up backup schedule for your server data. To begin backing up your server, you may follow our Getting Started Guide in our knowledge base to start your first backup.

My server has a hard drive crash? How do I recover it?

You must have created data backup before you can recover your data. Versions of backup will appear as recovery points in our web-based admin console. Each recovery point provides three data restore options: downloading files from backup, restoring files to the server, and bare metal restore. The first two options are great choices when your computer hardware is still functional. Bare metal restore is a better option in the event of failed computer hardware. This restore option does not require your computer hardware to have an operating system pre-installed or the hard drive partitioned.

I am not satisfied with your backup service. Can I ask for a refund?

Yes. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our backup solution within the first 30 days from the time you sign up our backup solution. After the 30 days period, refund cannot be issued.