Secure & Private

Facility Cabinets

Colocation Services are provisioned in secure private enclosure cabinets where each client has their own key and 24/7 facility access. Cabinets have front and rear removable doors for easy accessibility and are made of perforated metal to allow for good air flow and cooling. Cabinets are at least 33″ accommodating even the longest of today’s servers with room for switching or firewall equipment.


All of our cabinet enclosures offer:

19″ rack or shelf mount

Perforated metal panels

Front and rear cabinet access

Individual locks

Individual power outlets

Custom Cage


Rack Space

1/8 Rack

19"W x 34"D x 8"H

4U rack space

1/4 Rack

19"W x 33"D x 17.5"H

10U rack space

1/2 Rack

19"W x 33"D x 40"H

21U rack space

Full Cabinet

19"W x 34.5"D x 82"H

42U rack space